The end of the year is approaching and as always, before the end of the year we usually make the traditional Christmas team meeting.

This year the day chosen will be Saturday morning December 7 and the place chosen, like last year, will be the Gym Noray of our friend and athlete Jose Yuste located in Santa Pola (Alicante).

We are going to leave you with a photo that we took at the end of the training session outside the gym with the whole team.

As you can see in the photo, all attendees received gifts from our sponsor Big and also from Gorilla Wear.

Afterwards, we all went together to the restaurant we had reserved and continued our socializing.

There after lunch we prepared for all attendees a raffle with many gifts from our sponsors.

Here are the photos with the lucky winners and sponsors:


Well, as always BIG, as its name suggests, is very big and apart from the gifts for all attendees, gave the following lucky winners (César Borja and Iñigo Ortiz), with these lots of products.


Gorila Wear, in addition to the gifts given during the training, gave two checks to spend on Gorila clothing to a girl and a boy of the team. The lucky winners were Montse and Sergio Estepa.


The lucky recipient of a free order to try our meat sponsor's delicious burgers and products was Samara.


And courtesy of us, we came up with the idea of making a very cool belt to give away and the lucky winner was our friend and athlete Xisco Serra.

And here is a small summary of last year's meeting, which was very nice and with a lot of attendees.

We hope this year will be much better so those of you coming please RSVP via Instagram to @losviajesdelequiposoulandbody (Vanesa).

This year we have also made the team meeting coincide with the Sports Gala, so that those of you who have to come, kill two birds with one stone; team meeting in the morning and Gala in the evening.

As the meeting is in Santa Pola and the Gala in Alicante, last year we stayed in Alicante as it is only 21 km away.

We are going to leave you some lodging options for those of you who come from far away and have to stay overnight.


If you are looking for something very economical for one night, this hotel is not bad. We stayed here last year and what we say, for one night and something economical, it was fine.


This hotel is also great. Very close to the airport and it also has a Spa in case you feel like relaxing.

If you do not feel like either of these two, we leave the link for you to look for the one you like the most.

If you have any questions about the meeting do not hesitate to write to us by DM to @losviajesdelequiposoulandbody or through the contacts on this website.

We hope you enjoyed the mini article and we look forward to seeing you in the next post.

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