Still assimilating everything a little bit, after the weekend of joys that our athletes gave us, we are going to tell you a little bit about our experience in Bucharest and the results obtained.

Some of us arrived on Wednesday, some on Thursday and the rest on Friday.

We all settled together in very nice apartments located about 8Km away from the event. For those of you who want to know which apartments they were, you have all the preparations of the trip in the blog of losviajesdelequiposoulandbody.

The days before the event we were doing the typical things that athletes do the days before the competition:

Go grocery shopping so I can diet, eat, rest and go train.

By the way, very close to the apartments we had one of the best gyms in Bucharest that we have to thank for the treatment received towards all of us. The gym is called Best Fitness Gym (@bestfitnessgymbfg).

Jesús Osuna, Francisco Espín, the owner of the gym and Alexis González

On Friday was the weigh-in for both amateurs and professionals and on Saturday the amateur competitions began.

This year the place where the event was held was Face Club Bucharest. A spectacular place, full of lights, screens and an incredible decoration.

We are going to detail the results of our amateur athletes below:


  • In the category Senior Bodybuilding under 70Kg our athlete Jose Luis Casado, won a first place. Here we leave several photos of Jose Luis. One on stage with an incredible condition and the other with his family because we still do not have any quality photo of the award ceremony on stage.
  • In the Senior Bodybuilding category under 90Kg, our athlete Jesús Osuna, got a fifth place in his first International, where he did a great role with a totally renewed physique, in a very tough category of a total of 13 athletes.
  • In the Senior Bodybuilding category from 90 to 102Kg, our Junior athlete Sergio Estepa made a fourth place in a very tough category of 17 competitors.

Here is a photo of Fran with the three amateur athletes, proudly wearing their respective medals.


Sunday was the professional event where our pro athletes also did a great job.

Below you will find the rankings:

  • In Men's Physique, our athlete Alexis Gonzalez was called in the second call out obtaining an eleventh place out of 24 competitors and presented a really impressive physique with a weight of more than 81 Kg. A total of 8 Kg more than two years ago and 2,5 Kg more than in his last event in Italy.
  • In the Open Pro category, our athlete Cristian Pancorbo, in his professional debut, was called in the third call out, presenting a great physique.

  • In the 212 lbs. category, our Chilean athlete Felipe Fierro was called in the second call out, entering the top 10.
  • And finally following with the 212 lbs category, our athlete Angel Calderon did it again. He won again the direct pass to the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas 2020 getting the first place in the Romania Muscle Fest 2019. And as a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave below some snapshots.

We leave you a picture of Fran with our boys of the 212 pounds category.

And so we have told you a little summary of our experience at the Romania Muscle Fest 2019, we hope as always that you liked it and you can also let us know below in comments.

We welcome your feedback.

Have a nice day and we say goodbye until the next post.


  • The first one to congratulate is the great master of masters, the magnificent trainer Fran, for me he is a magician who touches each athlete with his magic wand and brings out some spectacular physiques. The best trainer there is in Spain. My most sincere congratulations for those physiques that you get to each athlete.
    And secondly congratulate each athlete for the great work they have done. CONGRATULATIONS teacher and students! You are real CHAMPIONS

  • Hola Francisco Espin soy Henry Scheihing de Chile, con respecto a los pagos para solicitar un entrenamiento.
    ¿Existe otro medio de pago, que no este en tu pagina, para hacer el deposito de un entrenamiento personalizado?

    • Buenas Henry, en la página tienes 3 métodos de pago: con tarjeta, PayPal o transferencia bancaria. No tenemos disponible ningún otro método de pago. Saludos.

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