There are only a few days left for our trip to Romania to attend for the second consecutive year the Romania Muscle Fest, an event with a high participation of athletes and a very high level.

On this occasion we are going to tell you a little bit about all the athletes of the team that will participate in it.


  • In the Senior Bodybuilding under 70kg category, will be our athlete Jose Luis Casado (Instagram = @krilincoach). We leave you the photo of Jose, with the medal of his third place in the Mr. Olympia Amateur in Las Vegas.
  • In the Senior Bodybuilding under 90kg category, we can see our athlete Jesús Osuna (Instagram = josuna18). We leave you a recent photo.
  • In the Senior Bodybuilding category from 90 to 102Kg, will compete our junior athlete Sergio Estepa (Instagram = @sergioestepa_). We leave you a picture of him this week, during one of his training sessions at Adoggym (Instagram = adoggym) in Quart de Poblet (Valencia).


In the Pro category, we have 4 athletes, which we list below:

  • In Men's Physique, we will have our athlete Alexis Gonzalez (Instagram = @alekgoben_pro). We leave you a recent photo.
  • In Classic Physique, will make his first appearance as a professional, Jose Maria Mete (Instagram = madelman_). We leave you some recent pictures.
  • In the Open pro category, we have our new IFBB PRO, Cristian Pancorbo (Instagram =@crsitianpancorbo.ifbbpro), who got his pro card last October at the Spanish FNFF Championship held in Alicante.
  • In the 212 lbs. category we have several competitors:

1.- Our Chilean athlete Felipe Fierro (Instagram = @felifly), who will fight for a good position in this category, as always so hard. Here is a snapshot of Felipe.

Finally, our athlete, Angel Calderon (Instagram = @angelcalderon.ifbbpro), who after being in a top ten in the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas, will fight like his teammate Felipe, to get the place for the Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas 2020. We leave you a picture of Angel.

And so far this little article written by me (@losviajesdelequiposoulandbody). Remember that on my website, you have the travel arrangements for the Romania Muscle Fest 2019 and many more articles that may interest you.

Hope you liked it and follow our adventure on my Instagram.

Feel free to leave your comments below.

See you in the next entry.

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