What to tell you about this wonderful experience that we all lived in the USA, a dream for many and that this time could come true for some of our athletes and of course for me as a trainer to bring athletes for the third consecutive year to this prestigious event, is a great satisfaction and pride.

First of all we will tell you about our experience with our amateur athletes, who did not leave the judges indifferent, doing very well in their respective categories.

Our amateur athletes who had the great privilege of taking the stage of this long-awaited event were the following:



Entrepreneur and master athlete who dared to participate in the senior category.

With this incredibly tough and dry look, he struggled to get a spot on the podium.

The result, a magnificent third place that felt like a victory, considering the high level of athletes who pass through this event every year.

I am very proud of your work, congratulations champion! We continue to work on our next goal.


Our Influencer and junior athlete Sergio Estepa, as there was no junior category, competed in senior category up to 102kg in a category with more than 27 athletes.

Although it was not our goal to start this championship, taking advantage of the fact that we were 5 weeks away from his main goal, we decided to do a little tune-up to see how his body reacted.

Called on the first call, this was the look Sergio wore on stage.

We could not make it into the top 5 but honestly, after seeing the level and number of athletes, we are more than satisfied with the result.

Focused again on their main objective.


Our Men's Physique athlete Andrei also came from Colombia to attend this magnificent event, who in spite of looking incredible could not make it to the final.

Now we just have to keep working hard to improve this great version of Andrei for his new goals.



If the amateur event made us vibrate, the professional event made our hair stand on end.

In this case, the athlete in charge of thrilling and exciting us watching the event is none other than our IFBB PRO Ángel Calderón Frías.

Angel got his direct pass to the Mr. Olympia on September 28, 2018 at the ELVS Prague championship and since then we have been working focused on this very important event to bring out his best version so far.

Nice memory of the day Angel won the direct pass to the Olympia in Prague.
From left to right: Fede (inseparable friend of Angel and also an athlete of the Soul & Body team, Angel Calderon and myself.

The Mr. Olympia semifinals were held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, at the same site where the Expo was held.

It was a very difficult category since we are talking about professional athletes, some of the best in the world.

Until the last moment we had our hearts in our hands because of the excitement and uncertainty of knowing if Angel would go on to the finals.

When we had almost given up hope, the name we had been waiting for, Ángel Calderón Frías, was announced over the microphone. At that moment, all of us who had traveled all the way to Las Vegas to support him, gave a shout of joy that did not leave the spectators indifferent.

We had made it, we were in the finals. Top 10 in one of the most prestigious championships in the world. Our dream had come true.

Snapshots of the semifinals

That same afternoon were the finals in the spectacular Arena Orleans and Angel, following the established protocol, did not disappoint anyone, on the contrary, more than one was surprised by the impressive condition in which he appeared.

The result, tenth, but for us a dream come true. For Angel to be the first Spanish bodybuilder to finish top 10 in one of the toughest categories of the Mr. Olympia and for me as a trainer to see many of my athletes fulfilling their dream, is a great achievement and satisfaction.

Thanks to all the people from Spain who, despite the time difference, were up at dawn without sleeping, so as not to miss Angel's appearance on stage.

Now we just have to continue both, fighting in the same direction to be able to be on the same stage again next year but with an improved version.

Thanks to our sponsor @Big_supplementation for supporting us in this dream and thanks also to my wife @losviajesdelequiposoulandbody for organizing this amazing trip. Everything went perfectly!

"Work at what you love and you'll never have to work another day in your life."

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