In this short article I'm going to tell you a little, how without looking for it, I did what I liked most as a child, which was bodybuilding, a way of life for many years and a job today.

As a teenager, instead of buying me the typical magazines that many young people bought, I would tell my mother to buy me bodybuilding magazines without thinking that someday I was going to be a little strong too like those guys whose physiques I liked so much.

When I was 18 years old, with some knowledge acquired after reading many books and magazines of our sport, I joined the gym with the aim of gaining some weight because at that time my physique was very thin. There I met the man who was my first trainer at that time and who, above all, instilled in me the values of this sport. In little more than a year I entered my first competition.

For more than 15 years, I dedicated myself to the world of competition, combining it with the work I was doing at the time.

My initial jobs had nothing to do with the world of bodybuilding and fitness but over time I started training and got my first job in a gym.

After years as a gym instructor, I was asked to run a sports nutrition store and with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement I started this new project.

Here I started to advise a trusted customer who asked me to do so, in exchange for buying the products in the store.

A couple of years later, together with my partner Vanesa, we decided to open our own sports nutrition store, back in 2008. There I continued advising people for free, until the crisis arrived and seeing that in order to continue with my training and my business I also had to work in private security, I decided to start taking a small group of clients while continuing with my sports career.

I was always a very self-taught person and although I listened to my trainers, I liked to learn and I was passionate about everything related to the world of bodybuilding.

During my time as a competitor, I was fortunate to work with great trainers of national and international renown. Each and every one of them, in a way, provided me with a wide variety of knowledge, which helped shape my vision of the sport.

Although at the age of 19 I had already started to help out in some competitions for friends who asked me to do so, it wasn't until I retired that I started to focus more on this aspect as a coach due to the demand I had.

Little by little, without realizing it, it became the work I currently do. A job that fulfills me completely and although it is a job that requires a lot of dedication and effort, it makes me feel fulfilled and proud to see that little by little the work is paying off.

Don't stop fighting for your dreams, and train yourselves to be able to dedicate yourselves to what really fulfills you and makes you happy. It has taken me 22 years to get to the point where I am today.

That's why I would like to tell you not to be in a hurry and to put a lot of enthusiasm into whatever you do.

I would like to end this article with a phrase that I like so much from the Chinese philosopher Confucius:

«Elige un trabajo que te guste y no tendrás que trabajar ni un día más de tu vida».

I hope you liked this mini summary of my life. You can leave a comment if you feel like it.

I send you a big hug and thank you for reading us.

12 comentarios en “LOS SUEÑOS SE CUMPLEN

  • You are an excellent trainer and a better person Francisco Espín. I have been following you and your athletes for many months now. I always watch your videos on YouTube and they taught me a lot. I am writing to you from Lima - Peru. I would like to train with you. And I would like to know information about the price and payment. Many blessings and continue to be the best trainer in Spain. Well, why not? If not look at the level of Angel Calderon. Best regards

    • Thank you very much Cristian for your words and for following me. Regarding the information you need, I would appreciate if you write a message in the contact section of the web and I will be glad to answer you.
      Best regards.

  • What can I tell you that you don't know Fran...just as your first trainer instilled in you the values of this sport...for me you are the one who has taught them to me in the years that you have been helping me in my sports career...to you I certainly see you as a mirror to look at me and of course I would love to resemble you even if it was only a third part.....from you I have learned to listen to the client ...respond when needed and advise him the best for him looking above all for him and for his health (not at any price)...thank you every day for letting me be part of your team and especially for teaching me and guide me day after day ...no doubt Fran...you are creating school ...And above all writing history !!.keep it up MASTER !!!!

    • Thank you very much for your words Nacho. I have no doubt that you will go far. Always being correct and working with humility. Thanks to you for being part of my team, because for people like you, it is worth all the work I do. You are already a great trainer, you just need time to get where you deserve. Keep working as you are doing.
      A big hug!

  • I will never forget that measured day at your house ... that while the meal was being made you told me what today I have been able to read, I have always told you I love listening to you, looking you in the eyes and feeling what you transmit, like many of us ...you are our example to follow, from you we are learning a lot and I can be thankful to be by your side to be part of this great family and I would love to retire from bodybuilding at your side ... never change my friend and thank you for treating us as you treat each of us ....you are a true PROFESSIONAL, a huge hug.

    • Thank you very much Mauri. I am very proud to have you on the team, especially because you are a great person who brings me a lot as a trainer and you have a big heart. Don't ever change!

  • Fran, for those of us who love this sport so much it is a real luxury to have someone with your preparation and who likes his work so much, and having him in Spain .... I am looking forward to the moments close to the competition and I know we are going to do great,

  • Sir I don't know where to start
    I can tell you that you are my idol
    I can say with the hand of my heart that one day you will be my trainer
    A big hug
    And best of luck in the competitions

  • Eres una persona maravillosa siempre atento de tus Post , historias , ect ; me motiva y me llena de fuerzas y valentía seguir en el proceso.

    Felicidades mi Amigo £spín Muchas bendiciones y sigue siendo el mejor preparador de España.

    anhelo ser parte de tu equipo. lo mejor de lo mejor está en tu 🧬 🧪 🧠 porq has sabido mantener siempre tu honestidad respeto , generosidad y confianza con quienes te rodean.

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